Hi! I’m Colt.

C’mon in. I’m glad you’re here.

So, tell me, how many times have you recited the same book for your parents? My go-to was always Llama Llama Red Pajama. I’ll bet I told that story 589 times, maybe more.

But my mom was on to me. Maybe yours is too? She made me take a SuPeR looooong test, and it said that I have dyslexia.

That sounded bad at first. I had to start seeing a special tutor and using special fonts and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff. Now, I like to think of dyslexia as my superpower. My brain “sees” in a way most peoples’ can’t and that’s pretty cool. None of that happened right away though. It was HARD. It took lots and lots of time.

But little by little, it got better.

And I know it will for you, too. All it takes is a bit of courage.

Dyslexics need extra understanding because…

We need extra time to think. I know it looks like we’re ignoring you, but it’s more likely that we’re gathering our thoughts.

Reading is a struggle and it’s everywhere. We’ll do a lot of other things to get out of reading…like math or art because numbers and shapes are much easier to decipher than words.

We’re working overtime to keep up in a world that expects us to be fluent readers by second or third grade. It’s hard to get good at something your brain is scrambling!

“That is cool! I like that Colt had a problem with reading just like me and he figured it out—we are problem solvers!”

When you’re ready for chapter books, these are great!

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