Welcome! I’m Courtney, mom to Colt the Courageous.

Wherever you are on your dyslexia journey—from the overwhelm of just finding out to the pride of seeing your child blossom and progress—I’m here for you.

When I started to suspect something was up with Colt, I took my concerns to his school first but they weren’t seeing the signs I was. Colt’s teachers loved him because he was a joy to have in class and that made it easy to overlook his struggle. Nothing seemed amiss other than what I was noticing at home, which was that he stuck to the same three or four picture books. He’d melt down if I made him choose anything else.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was up so I scheduled an assessment. We started intervention without having a diagnosis but decided we needed to take a step further. Thus, we scheduled him to be tested for dyslexia. While the results weren’t surprising, all the new things we had to learn sure were! It was daunting at first, but as Colt began to gain more and more skills, I like to think his mom and dad gained a few of their own, too.

I wrote this book as a resource for other parents who are in our shoes. There were only a few books we could read to Colt when my husband and I told him he was dyslexic. Through this book, I hope to give other parents what I didn’t have: a way to help their child understand a dyslexia diagnosis. And for children who aren’t dyslexic, this book is a great opportunity to see how they can extend compassion to their schoolmates.

I sincerely hope that Colt the Courageous will be just the encouragement you need to press on!

“As a teacher and a mom, this book was perfect to read to our son after he was diagnosed dyslexic. It allowed for conversations to naturally transpire and for him to see he isn’t alone on this journey.”

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